Public Lawyer Referral Services in Duval County, FL

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The Jacksonville Bar Association and the Florida State Bar Association both serve the residents of Duval County. The Florida State Bar Association provides free lawyer referral services for the residents of Duval County. Although this service is free there is little information given to you about the attorney you will be contacting. You are given absolutely no background information on the attorney and are charged up to $25 for a 30 minute consultation. Furthermore, you can only contact one attorney at a time which takes away your ability to compare attorneys in the Duval County area.

The Jacksonville Bar Association also provides free lawyer referrals but charges a $50 fee for a 30 minute consultation unless your case is about personal injury, social security, workers compensation, or medical malpractice. Unlike the Florida State Bar Association the staff member who answers your phone call at the Jacksonville Bar does make an appointment for you with the referring attorney. The Jacksonville Bar does not claim to have an attorney that practices in every area of law and only picks an attorney by their placement on a list which they rotate.

Neither of these services necessarily match you with an attorney that is best for your case, or one who may have the most experience; instead just whichever attorney is next on the list. The Jacksonville Bar only provides referrals based on the area of law and where you live.

Both the Florida State Bar Association and the Jacksonville Bar Association fail to put you first when they are referring you to an attorney. They do you not provide you with guarantees as to the certification of the attorney and do not provide you with cost information on any of their attorneys. Most importantly they do not allow you to be in control of choosing an attorney that best fits your needs; instead they choose an attorney for you according to a list which they rotate.

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