Private Lawyer Referral Services in Essex County NJ

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There are 3 private lawyer referral services in Essex County. The first is Legal Services of New Jersey. Although this attorney referral service serves the entire state of New Jersey they provide their referrals through the bar associations in every county. All referrals for Essex County are therefore made through the Essex County Bar Association which provides you little information and no guarantees.

The next private lawyer referral service is the Education Law Center. This center much like the Legal Services of Jersey serves the residents of the greater Newark area by providing referrals through the Essex County Bar Association. The Education Law Center only provides referrals in areas dealing with issues of education and therefore limits the residents it may be able to help. Although the Education Law Center mostly helps low income individuals it sometimes does give referrals to all residents of Essex County.

Another lawyer referral service is the Legal Services of New Jersey Law (LSNJ Law). This service is aimed towards those that qualify as low income individuals. LSNJ Law not only limits itself to the individuals it will help but also in the areas of law in which it will provide referrals. Most referrals are given in cases of housing, employment, or disability law. In exceptional circumstances LSNJ Law will provide referrals in cases that do not involve housing, employment, or disability law.

Although there are 3 private lawyer referral services available to the residents of Essex County, none of them seem to provide their clients with background information or guarantees on their attorneys. Furthermore, they only provide you with the name and phone number of one attorney at a time which limits your options. It is up to you to conduct independent research on a particular attorney and if you are not satisfied you have to continue to call the lawyer referral service back until you find an attorney that you find fits your needs.

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