Online Lawyer Referral Services in King County

LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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Online lawyer referral services are now an easier and often times faster alternative to the traditional referral services. Services such as AnAttorneyForYou, AskTheLawyer, InjuryBoard, and LegalMatch all provide free lawyer referral services to those in Seattle and King County.

InjuryBoard only makes referrals for personal injury cases. AnAttorneyForYou is a national online service that provides attorney referrals in many areas of law. This service refers you to your local bar association if they are unable to assist you in your legal matters.

AskTheLawyer differs from both of these services because it provides you with the ability to hear responses from more than 1 attorney at a time. You can receive responses from several attorneys in your area within 1 business day. Even though AskTheLawyer allows you to hear responses from different attorneys it does not provide you with background information on any of its King County lawyers.

The online services AnAttorneyForYou, AskTheLawyer, and InjuryBoard do not provide you with a fee structure for any of the attorneys you are put in contact with. They also do not provide a client satisfaction guarantee and you are unable to read what other consumers thought of the attorney you are being referred to.

LegalMatch is unique because it allows you to hear from several attorneys, read what other clients thought of these attorneys, and receive background information about each lawyer. Furthermore, when responding to your case, all LegalMatch attorneys give you a fee structure that allows you to compare and anticipate the total costs of their services. Also, no other service besides LegalMatch backs up all of its attorneys with a satisfaction guarantee, making sure that their client is satisfied with any attorney they pick. This service is entirely free and claims to have skilled attorneys that are experienced in almost every field of law.

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