Online Referral Services in Kings County

LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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The vast majority of referral services for the Kings County area are web based. A client seeking legal counsel in Brooklyn may chose between Law Help, iLawyer, Nationwide Legal Help, LegalZoom, or LegalMatch. Web based services in Kings County differ in regards to cost, turn around time, information provided, satisfaction guarantees, background checks and other points of comparison.

Law Help, much like Legal Services for New York City, refers attorneys for those living in Kings County who are financially disadvantaged. When navigating through the site, a client will input their location and the category of their legal issue. The website gives a list of attorney who may take on a case pro-bono or at a deep discount provided that the client meets the low income criteria. This service is ordinarily reserved for those who are earning in the bottom 10-15% income level.

iLawyer is the internet counterpart of the local bars associations in New York State. The legal areas of coverage are limited, and much like the Brooklyn and New York City Bars, this is a next-on-list service. The input parameters for an attorney search are very similar to the ones used by the local bars. This service is not free and a client must pay per every referral until they find the attorney they want.

LegalZoom is a standard lawyer referral service and is another next-on-list provider. Unlike the other services, LegalZoom is free to Brooklyn clients. LegalZoom users are given a free 30 minute consultation with the attorney and must use it to determine if the attorney is suitable for their case. LegalZoom does background checks on their attorneys but only gives a limited bit of information to the client.

LegalMatch takes a different approach to lawyer referrals. LegalMatch's intake questions are designed by attorneys and are quick to complete. Shortly after submitting the information, a client will receive responses from numerous interested attorneys with an offered rate for representation. LegalMatch will supplement the attorney's responses with client reviews and expanded data about the attorney. The client can make the ultimate decision about which attorney they would like to represent them. LegalMatch's system saves the client and attorney a lot of the time that ordinarily goes into the initial consultation. LegalMatch is also free and easy to use and their service is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

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