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LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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Several web based lawyer referral services are available for the Mecklenburg County area. Companies such as Attorney Pages, American Lawyer Referral,, Nationwide Legal Help, LegalZoom and LegalMatch are available for those seeking attorney referrals in the Mecklenburg County area. These online referral services differ greatly in regards to cost, turn around time, information provided, satisfaction guarantees, background checks and other comparison points.

Attorney Pages and American Lawyer Referral are simply database websites. The sites ask you to input your location and legal area and the sites return a list of practicing attorneys. There are no guarantees, no background information about the referred attorneys and the site does not state that their attorneys have to meet any specific qualifications. These websites do not provide much more than a tailored phone book would. is similar to Attorney Pages and American Lawyer Referral except that it offers more information. The input criteria are the same for, Attorney Pages and American Lawyer Referral. With, most of the referred Mecklenburg County attorneys or law firms have an information button which will list the company's size and some basic facts about the company. These facts are far from extensive and a lot of research is still left to the client.

LegalZoom, much like Nationwide Legal Help, is a "next-on-list" service. LegalZoom is a free service and it requires that all Mecklenburg attorneys registered with the service provide a free 30 minute consultation. LegalZoom also provides some publicly available information about the attorneys such as where the attorney went to school and how long the attorney has been practicing law. LegalZoom claims to verify that their attorneys stay in good standing with the bar. LegalZoom's major flaw is that they have a limited number of attorneys and so their "next-on-list" system will quite possibly not come up with any attorneys. Additionally, the information LegalZoom provides is insufficient for one to decide, without further research, that the Charlotte area attorney is right for them.

LegalMatch is different from the next-on-list attorney referral services common in Mecklenburg County. LegalMatch's system is double-blind so the attorneys look at the cases directly and respond to the client. LegalMatch will supplement the attorney's responses with expanded data and client reviews to help the client make an educated decision about the attorney. In most cases, the client will receive numerous replies and will be able to select the attorney that they feel suits them best. The process is quick, effective and free. There are no obligations and the service is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

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