Online Lawyer Referral Services in Montgomery County

LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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LawyersIncorporated, SelectCounsel, and LegalMatch all provide lawyer referral services to Montgomery County. LawyersIncorporated provides lawyer referrals only in cases dealing with medical malpractice, specifically birth trauma cases. The referral service claims to have done extensive research on all of their attorneys but provides you with none of that information.

Much like LawyersIncorporated, SelectCounsel also fails to provide you with the information you need on any of their Baltimore area attorneys. SelectCounsel only provides referrals in cases dealing with personal injury. The referral service claims that all of their attorneys have gone through a background and certification check but still refuse to provide you with a guarantee. Furthermore, both LawyersIncorporated and SelectCounsel fail to provide the option to choose an attorney because they only give you the name and phone number of one attorney at a time instead of allowing you to choose from several attorneys. Also, none of the lawyer referral services except one provides you with feedback from previous clients who have worked with the attorney you are referred too.

Only LegalMatch provides you with feedback from previous clients that have worked with a particular attorney. You are given background information about the attorneys that you are contacted by, along with how much your total case may cost and the hourly cost of working with the attorney. Plus, you do not have to contact an attorney; they contact you if they are interested in your case. This gives the client the control to pick and choose which attorney they prefer to work with. No other lawyer referral agency seems to provide a client with so much information. Also, LegalMatch seems to have attorneys that practice in almost every area of law and the entire process of receiving a lawyer referral is free.

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