Private Lawyer Referral Services in Montgomery County

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Legal Aid Bureau, Maryland Legal Services, and Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service all provide private lawyer referrals to residents of Montgomery County. Legal Aid Bureau limits itself to providing referrals only to certain residents in the greater Baltimore area. In order to receive a referral you have to either qualify as a low income individual, be over the age of 60, or the case has to deal with an issue that regards a child.

Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service is similar to the Legal Aid Bureau because it also provides lawyer referral services to low income individuals or families. Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service does go one step further than the Legal Aid Bureau by providing referrals to reduced fee attorneys for low income individuals.

The Maryland Legal Services does little to help broaden the scope of the residents that are covered in Montgomery County by a private lawyer referral service because it only provides lawyer referrals through local bar associations. The Montgomery Bar does not provide the essential information needed to make a sound decision when deciding which attorney is best for your case.

Although there are 3 private lawyer referral services in Montgomery County all of them fail to provide residents with background information on any attorney they are told to contact. Furthermore, they are not even guaranteed that the attorney is bar certified. Residents are simply given the name and phone number of one attorney at a time and they are left to research on their own if the attorney is even experienced enough for their case. Also, a lot of the residents of Montgomery County will not be served by private lawyer referral services because they mostly provide referrals to those who qualify as low income individuals.

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