Public Lawyer Referral Services in Nassau County

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The people in Nassau County have two choices when it comes to public lawyer referral services: the New York City Bar's Lawyer Referral Service, and the Nassau County Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service.

The New York City Bar's Lawyer Referral Service provides referral services to residents of Nassau County. This service, like many others, operates off of a list of lawyers, referring the next lawyer on the list to a client. In order to use this service, a client must call in and give the background information about their situation. Then, a New York City Bar employee will take this information into the system and refer the next lawyer on the list to the client. Although the attorney’s background is not checked, this service requires that any attorney referred through the system be in good standing with the state bar. There is a $35 fee, which entitles the client to a half-hour consultation meeting with the referred attorney. There is no satisfaction guarantee, so if the lawyer that you are referred to does not want to take your case, then you must go through the referral procedure again.

The Nassau County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service is the other public option that residents of Nassau County have. Like the New York City Bar Association’s referral service, clients are referred to an attorney after a phone call, and for an administrative fee are given a 30 minute consultation meeting with the referred attorney. Attorneys must be in good standing with the state bar in order to be referred through this service, but like the previous referral service, there is no guarantee of the attorney’s background. As well, the client is left with much of the work to do on their own.

These public lawyer referral services are valuable but incomplete. The services will find an attorney who practices in the field you desire but it does not necessarily find you the right lawyer for your case. Research about the attorney's suitability and interest in the case still needs to be done, which can be very time consuming and expensive.

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