Online Lawyer Referral Services in Nassau County

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There are several online based lawyer referral services available to residents of Nassau County. A client in Nassau County can choose between Law Help,, iLawyer, Attorney Pages and LegalMatch.

Law Help is the online legal referral page for the indigent of Nassau County. A client seeking an attorney through this webpage must prove that he or she is in the bottom 10-15% of wage earners. Normally, a Nassau County client must input the area of law their case deals with, along with their geographic location. Law Help does not provide any guarantees to its clients, nor does it give any background information regarding the attorneys it refers. operates like an online phone book full of attorney listings, but provides some additional information about the attorneys it lists. Residents of Nassau County who choose to use must input both their geographic location as well as the area of law that their case deals with. After completing these tasks, the website will list attorneys who meet these criteria and provide contact information for the client to use. However, the information provided about each attorney is limited and does not include things like billing structures or past client reviews. Clients must still find these things out themselves without the help of

iLawyer provides lawyer referral services to the residents of Nassau County as well as the rest of the New York City Metropolitan Area. iLawyer works as a next-on-list service, meaning that the lawyer you are referred to will be the next on the list. This severely hampers a client’s ability to pick and choose the attorney that is best suited for his or her situation. As well, iLawyer provides no guarantees and very little background information about referred attorneys.

Attorney Pages functions much like because it too is basically an online phone book for attorneys. After selecting the desired criteria, Attorney Pages displays a listing of all of the Nassau County lawyers in their system that qualify. However, this system is even more lacking than because Attorney Pages provides little more than an address and phone number of the listed attorneys. This leaves the client little better off than if he or she had opened up a phone book. Attorney Pages does not appear to have any minimum qualifications that an attorney must meet in order to be listed on their website.

LegalMatch is very different from the other attorney referral services in Nassau County. Unlike the other systems, LegalMatch is free for clients to use and does not work on a next on list system, nor a database-phonebook system. Instead, when clients fill out the simple intake form, LegalMatch categorizes the case and sends out e-mails to every attorney that meets the requirements for representing the client. Then, the attorneys are allowed to review the case and decide whether or not respond to the client. Often, clients receive multiple responses from one posting, meaning that they can compare and contrast each attorney that responds. LegalMatch provides a wealth of information about each attorney, such as detailed attorney profiles, billing structures and past client reviews, all to help the client make the best decision for his or her situation. LegalMatch is also unique in that it provides clients with a satisfaction guarantee.

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