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LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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A client interested in an online lawyer referral service will have many options for the Orange County, Florida area. Residents of Orange County may look to InjuryHelpAttorney,, American Lawyer Referral, Best Law Leads, Attorney-Legal, Nationwide Legal Help, LegalZoom, or LegalMatch for a lawyer referral. These options differ in regards to cost, turn around time, information given about attorneys, extent of background checks, and satisfaction guarantees.

InjuryHelpAttorney is a different system from an ordinary lawyer referral service. InjuryHelpAttorney refers to itself as an attorney advertising service. A Orange County client using InjuryHelpAttorney will not receive any information about an attorney, not even the contact information. A client may call the service and leave their information. Within 24 hours the client will receive a call from the attorney who will give a free consultation over the phone. The service specializes in cases arising out of personal injuries and so it is limited accordingly. Additionally, the service does not perform background checks on the attorneys and they offer no guarantees. and American Lawyer Referral are also a bit different than a standard attorney referral services. and American Lawyer Referral produce lists of available attorneys which are narrowed down solely on the basis of your physical location and your desired regal field. The service is free but it offers little more than a standard search engine would. A client may end up spending time and money in order to determine which attorney is qualified for their specific case.

Best Law Leads and Attorney-Legal are more similar to what a client might expect from an attorney referral service. The websites prompt you to input your location, including your name, location and a brief description of your case. No specific information about the attorneys is given. Attorney-Legal claims that a free immediate case evaluation from an experienced attorney is given after submission of this information. This is different than many other services that use legal aids for the initial evaluation.

LegalZoom is another option for a lawyer referral service. Unlike some services, LegalZoom does not charge a fee for providing a 30 minute consultation with the referred attorney. LegalZoom does not provide a reference instantly but they are dedicated to having one within the first 24 hours. LegalZoom will also provide a client with additional information about the attorney if available and requested. The service works with a small number of attorneys which may limit its ability to provide an attorney for the client. It is likely that LegalZoom will have to refer the client to a different referral service.

LegalMatch is a largely different type of legal referral service. Where other referral services will offer a client a name out of a list, LegalMatch returns information about several attorneys who are interested and able to take on your case. LegalMatch is free and saves the time normally dedicated to finding an attorney and meeting with them in an initial consultation. Additionally, before entering into LegalMatch's system, an attorney must go through a thorough background check. LegalMatch is also unique in offering a satisfaction guarantee.

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