Online Lawyer Referral Services in Philadelphia County

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There are 3 online lawyer referral services that serve Philadelphia County. The first is WrongfulDeathAttorneyNetwork which as the name of the network suggests, only takes cases dealing with wrongful death. They do claim that all of their attorneys are carefully screened to ensure that they have extensive experience and exceptional skills but they do not provide you with any guarantees on any of their attorneys.

Another lawyer referral service is PersonalInjuryNetwork. This service only takes personal injury cases and does state each of their attorneys has over 15 years experience. Also, they state that all of their attorneys take a contingency fee which means that they will not take a fee from you until they are through with the case.

Both of these lawyer referral services do not give the client background information on an attorney and only provide you with the contact information of 1 attorney at a time. By not providing background information and the names of several attorneys at once these agencies take away your ability to compare and contrast attorneys and see which one best meets your needs.

The only online lawyer referral service that backs up all of its attorneys with a satisfaction guarantee is LegalMatch. Not only does it provide a satisfaction guarantee but it also provides you with essential background information of several skilled attorneys that contact you. With LegalMatch you are not just limited to contacting one attorney; instead, you will have access to several attorneys that are interested in your case. Furthermore, this entire service is at no cost to you.

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