Private Lawyer Referral Services in Philadelphia County

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There are more private lawyer referral services in Philadelphia County than public. Pennsylvania Legal Aid is one of the biggest private lawyer referral providers in the area but it is limited in many ways. First, they only supply referrals to those who qualify as low income individuals or to those who are dealing with a domestic violence issue. Second, they do not handle all areas of law, especially criminal law.

Community Legal Services of Philadelphia and Philadelphia Legal Assistance are 2 more private lawyer referral services that are similar to Pennsylvania Legal Aid. They also only provide lawyer referrals to low income individuals and do not handle criminal cases.

The fourth private lawyer referral service is Pennsylvania Health Law Project. This service only provides lawyer referrals to low income, elderly or disabled individuals and exclusively deals with issues that people are having with publicly funded healthcare such as Medicare.

All of the private lawyer referral services are missing many of the same things that the public lawyer referral services fail to provide as well. A lack of information about any of their attorneys makes a client have to do all of the research on an attorney. You do not receive feedback from other clients or even a guarantee that any of the attorneys on their referral lists are properly certified to practice in the state of Pennsylvania. Furthermore, you are provided absolutely no guarantees by the services.

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