Public Lawyer Referral Services in Queens County

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There are 5 public lawyer referral services that serve the residents of Queens County. Even though many of the bar associations are named after a specific county they often overlap in providing services to neighboring counties which is why Queens County is served by several bar associations.

The first is the Brooklyn County Bar Association which claims to have 150 pre-screened attorneys that have an average of 10 years experience each. This public referral agency does charge a $25 fee for a 30 minute consultation with an attorney expect in cases dealing with personal injury, social security, or workers compensation.

This is one of the few services that conduct a customer satisfaction survey to evaluate how their attorneys are doing. Although you are given general information about an attorney (10 years experience at minimum) you are not given any information regarding what they have specialized in within those 10 years. Furthermore, you are not given information regarding the cost of working with a particular attorney.

The next public lawyer referral service in Queens County is the New York City Bar Association. The New York City Bar allows you to receive a referral by calling them, telling them to call you, or submitting an online form. If you decide to submit an online form then they have a turn around time of 24 hours. This agency claims to have pre-screened all of their attorneys and when you call to receive a referral you are given background information along with the name and phone number of the lawyer. The New York City Bar does charge a fee of $35 for an initial consultation in all cases except personal injury, medical malpractice, workers compensation, and social security.

Another public referral service in Queens County is the Queens County Bar Association. This agency also charges a $35 fee for a 30 minute consultation except in cases dealing with social security, disability issues, or workers compensation. The Queens County Bar claims that it makes no representation concerning the lawyer to whom the applicant is referred except that such lawyer is licensed in the profession. Every attorney on the Queens County referral list is re-evaluated yearly and within that evaluation the agency checks the license of the attorney. The Queens County Bar also states that if it receives a complaint against an attorney then that attorney will be suspended from the referral list pending the outcome of the complaint.

The fourth public referral service in Queens County is the Bronx County Bar Association. Much like the other agencies it charges a $35 fee for an initial 30 minute consultation with an attorney. The fifth public referral service to serve the residents of Queens County is the Nassau County Bar Association. This agency claims to have more than 500 attorneys that are all in good standing. This service also charges a nominal fee for the first 30 minute consultation with an attorney but the fee is determined by the attorney and can fluctuate depending on what attorney you speak with.

Even though there are various public referral agencies in the Queens County, none of them seem to provide you with the cost information you need to determine which attorney will be best for you. Also, they do not provide you with the feedback that others have given when they previously worked with a particular attorney. Most importantly, none of these agencies allow you to be contacted by the attorneys and you are limited by only receiving the information of one attorney at a time when you call, email, or have the agency call you.

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