Online Lawyer Referral Services in Queens County

LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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There are just as many online lawyer referral services in Queens County as there are private lawyer referral services. InjuryHelpLine, SelectCounsel, and LegalMatch all provide online lawyer referrals in the Queens County area. InjuryHelpLine provides referrals only in cases dealing with personal injury. After you provide them with a bit of information they contact attorneys for you and find one interested in your case and have them call you.

Unlike InjuryHelpLine, SelectCounsel lawyer referral service does not have an attorney contact you. You will be given the information of one attorney and you will have to contact them. SelectCounsel only provides referrals in personal injury suits as well. They claim to have the best lawyers because they state that all attorneys have been recommended by other lawyers or others in the legal profession.

Both of these services are similar to the public and private lawyer referral services because they do not provide you with background or cost information about an attorney. These services also do not provide you with any guarantees to back up their attorneys.

LegalMatch seems to be the only service that encompasses all of the factors that you look for in a lawyer referral service. Not only does LegalMatch provide you with background information and cost information but they also provide you with a guarantee that backs up all of their attorneys. They go one step further by providing Queens County residents with feedback from previous clients who have worked with a particular attorney. Also, to make sure that the client is in control of choosing an attorney that is right for them they have several attorneys contact you. This allows you to choose a pre-screened attorney that is not only interested in your case but will provide you with a price framework for how much they anticipate your case will cost. This entire service is free and LegalMatch claims to have attorneys in almost every area of law.

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