Online Lawyer Referral Services in Santa Clara County

LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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If you are looking to use an online lawyer referral service to find an attorney in Santa Clara County, you have a variety of options. Referrals are available online through services provided by, Attorney Search Network, Attorney Pages and LegalMatch. Each of these online services varies from the other in different ways, such as costs, turnaround time, guarantees and information provided. is a step above some of the other online referral services because it provides some information about the lawyers that are referred. Much like many of the other online services, works like an online database. After submitting your location and area of law your case deals with, you will receive a listing of lawyers. However, the limited amount of information that is provided does not go very far in helping you determine if one lawyer would be better for your situation than another. As well, the information does not include past client reviews or much other information, so there is a lot of research to be done on the side of the user.

Another online lawyer referral service is Attorney Search Network. Attorneys that are listed in Attorney Search Network are indexed by their areas of practice as well as their geographic location around Santa Clara County. After submitting your request for a referral, you will see a list of attorneys that match your criteria. However, this referral service does not provide many guarantees and there are a lot of statements that Attorney Search Network "may be able to" do something for you. For example, the referral service does not guarantee that you will be matched to a bilingual attorney if English is not your primary language.

Attorney Pages is one of the least expensive online attorney referral services and operates much like in that it is a database site. After inputting your geographic location and area of law you need assistance in, the website will give you back a list of attorneys that match your criteria. However, there is little to no additional information given about the attorneys that match your search, and users must do plenty of additional research on their own. As well, Attorney Pages offers no warranties or guarantees to its users.

LegalMatch uses a unique system for their referrals. After submitting your location and area of law that your case deals with, LegalMatch sends instant e-mails to pre-screened attorneys that match your criteria. These attorneys then look through the information that has been provided with all of your sensitive information having already been screened out. If the attorney is interested in your case, they have the option of sending you an e-mail through LegalMatch. When a user receives this e-mail system, they have the ability to read that attorney's profile as well as past client reviews for that attorney. Often, potential clients will receive more than one response from interested attorneys, meaning that the user can compare and contrast each lawyer's qualifications and fees and come to a well thought out choice. As well, LegalMatch is a free service and will never push a user to hire or pay any of the attorneys that respond by e-mail. LegalMatch also offer its users a satisfaction guarantee, which is much more than most attorney referral sites.

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