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LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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A resident of Utah County has their pick between several online referral services. Attorney Link, Attorney-Legal, Personal-Injury-Attorneys, Nationwide Legal Help, LegalZoom and LegalMatch all service the Utah County area. These services differ in regards to cost, turn around time, areas covered, information provided about attorneys, obligations, satisfaction guarantees and others points of analysis.

Attorney Link and Attorney-Legal are more traditional lawyer referral services. The services are free but it may be referred to as a "no frills" lawyer referral service. Attorney Link and Attorney-Legal do not offer people in Utah County free 30 minute lawyer consultations so a client will likely have to spend money to determine how suitable the attorney is. These services simply prompt you to leave your contact information and a brief description and an attorney will respond back to you; the rest is left out of the hands of the service.

Personal-injury-attorneys is a specialized attorney referral service. The service provides attorneys only in personal injury related fields. A Utah County resident using this service leaves their information and awaits a call back, which the site states should happen within 24 hours. Much like Attorney Link and Attorney-Legal, the client is largely left out of the decision making process.

LegalZoom has a few advantages and disadvantages of its own. LegalZoom is free and offers Utah County clients a free 30 minute lawyer consultation. The service also claims to do some background checks above the standard bar certification. LegalZoom, however, still functions as a first-on-the-list referral service. LegalZoom does not allow for the client to use their discretion when selecting a referral service, so the ultimate match is left largely to chance. Additionally, LegalZoom only works with a small number of attorneys so it is very possible that they will not have an attorney in the area of law that you require.

LegalMatch is a very different type of service. LegalMatch ask the client a series of questions designed by attorneys, and then makes the client's answers available to multiple local Utah County attorneys. Interested attorneys respond to the client through e-mail and LegalMatch will supplement the e-mail with information which includes reviews and background information about the attorney. LegalMatch is free to use and there are no obligations to hire any attorney. Finally, LegalMatch is unique in that it offers its Satisfaction Guarantee.

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