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One of the major problems with having so many bar associations around the country is that there is not a centralized listing of each bar association in any given state. Bar Association Directory is here to fix that problem.

This website has created a database containing information about every American bar association within a listed state. In addition to having this centralised list, Bar Association Directory also provides information about each of the listed bar associations.

The information that is provided for each bar association in Bar Association Directory is designed to allow clients to read about a specific bar association and get a feel for the organization. This information often includes pieces about the bar association's stated mission, or how the bar association takes care of its attorney members. After all, there is a likely correlation between the effectiveness of a bar association and how well it carries out its mission goals.

Extensive Information on every Bar Association

Lastly, Bar Association Directory can also be seen as a useful tool for those doing research about the legal scene in various states. Bar associations are often the holders of very informative local knowledge, and Bar Association Directory provides contact information for every bar association it covers. People can now contact any of the multitudes of American bar associations simply by visiting one website, instead of tracking down each bar association individually. Many law firms looking to acquire lawyer leads eschew bar associations and use other forms of online client acquisition, for example, matching services such as LegalMatch.

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