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LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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Clients looking for an online attorney referral service in Alameda County have a variety of options. Web based referrals are available through Attorney Search Network, Attorney Pages, American Lawyer Referral, Nationwide Legal Help and LegalMatch. These services differ in regards to cost, turn around time, information provided, background checks, satisfaction guarantees and benefits.

Attorney Search Network is listed on the California State Bar's website as an attorney referral service that provides attorneys to residents of Alameda County. This service requires you to either call or submit an online application where you describe your legal situation. Screeners at Attorney Search Network will then determine whether or not you need an attorney, and if you do, will refer you to one that is experienced in the laws that apply to your situation.� This service only refers you to one attorney, and there is no guarantee that the attorney you are referred to will take your case. As well, Attorney Search Network does not provide you with any background information about the attorney that you are referred to, meaning that without doing additional research on your own, you will walk into your consultation meeting blind. is an online listing of lawyers, much like a phone book. functions just like a regular "database" referral site but it provides a brief description, via LexisNexis, of the referred attorney or law firm in Alameda County. However, this information does not include things like billing structures or past client reviews. As well, does not provide any sort of satisfaction guarantee.

Attorney Pages is much like After submitting the desired geographic and legal areas, a list of attorneys is displayed to the client. The information provided about each Alameda County attorney is very minimal, even less than Most often, only an address and phone number is given.� There does not seem to be any minimum qualification for an attorney to be listed on this website, so there is no guarantee that the attorney you call is in good standing with the California State Bar.

LegalMatch is a much different online legal referral service than the others previously mentioned. Instead of selecting which attorney to refer to a client, LegalMatch allows the user to play a large role in selecting the attorney that is right for them. The client submits the basics of their lawsuit, and then LegalMatch sends out e-mails to every pre-screened attorney that might be interested in taking on the case. The client then gets e-mails directly from interested attorneys. At this point, the user is able to view each attorney's profile, billing structure and past client reviews. Armed with this information, the client is able to pick and choose the attorney that best fits his or her needs.� Most of the time, clients get responses from several attorneys, meaning the client is able to pick and choose which one he thinks he will be able to work with best. Also, when all else fails, LegalMatch provides users with a satisfaction guarantee.

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