Bergen County NJ Public Referral Services

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Within Bergen County, at least four public entities offer lawyer referrals. These include bar associations and government entities. Unfortunately, these organizations are often selective and may not offer referrals for all legal cases or all clients.

The Bergen County Bar Association maintains a lawyer referral program for people living in the county. In order to obtain a referral for a lawyer, one must call the Bergen County Bar Association’s office. The Bergen County Bar Association only provides referrals for its member attorneys.

The Bergen County Department of Human Services offers lawyer referrals to local residents as a part of its Alternatives to Domestic Violence division. Bergen County residents can only obtain an attorney referral for restraining order hearings in domestic abuse cases. People seeking a referral through the Alternatives to Domestic Violence division must meet specific eligibility requirements.

The New Jersey State Bar Association provides referrals for pro bono legal services to members of the military living in Bergen County through its Military Legal Assistance Program. Only military members that are active-duty or reserve qualify for a Military Legal Assistance Program lawyer referral. Furthermore, the New Jersey State Bar Association restricts the referrals to the legal practice areas of family law, creditor law, and employment law.

Northeastern New Jersey Legal Services runs an attorney referral service for low-income residents of Bergen County. Due to limited financial resources, Northeastern New Jersey Legal Services is only able to offer lawyer referrals for legal matters involving public benefits, family law, consumer law, or housing law. However, all of the attorney referrals that Northeastern New Jersey Legal Services provides are for free legal representation.

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