Bergen County NJ Private Lawyer Referral Services

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People living in Bergen County can obtain a lawyer referral from a number of different private organizations. Many of these organizations are nonprofits dedicated to helping the residents of Bergen County find pro bono legal representation.

Casa De Esperanza is a private charitable organization that provides attorney referrals to people living in Bergen County. Only immigrants are able to obtain referrals from Casa De Esperanza for legal assistance. The objective of Casa De Esperanza is to help immigrants secure legal residency and to overcome immigration issues involving family matters such as child custody and divorce.

The Community Health Law Project aids Bergen County residents in procuring legal representation. Primarily, the Community Health Law Project provides attorney referrals only to local residents that are disabled or suffering from HIV. However, people that otherwise qualify for a referral from the Community Health Law Project can obtain one for a wide variety of legal issues, including housing discrimination and domestic violence.

Disability Rights New Jersey is a nonprofit corporation that gives referrals for legal assistance to disabled people living in Bergen County. Although Disability Rights New Jersey offers lawyer referrals to Bergen County residents with all manner of disabilities, it predominantly provides referrals for lawyers to those with mental disabilities. Since the main goal of Disability Rights New Jersey is to ensure the enforcement of certain laws that benefit disabled people in Bergen County, only locals with legal grievances that are directly related to these laws can receive an attorney referral.

The Education Law Center is a private organization committed to helping minors of Bergen County find a lawyer. In order to procure a referral, one must call the Education Law Center’s intake hotline, leave a message, and then wait 2-4 days for the phone call to be returned and a referral to be given. Due to limited funds, the Education Law Center is unable to provide a referral for every request.

El Centro Hispanoamericano is a nonprofit dedicated to connecting immigrants currently residing in Bergen County with legal representation. Although El Centro Hispanoamericano does not restrict who can reach out to it for an attorney referral, the vast majority of the Bergen County immigrants that it does help are from countries where the primary language is Spanish. People can only obtain a referral for legal services from El Centro Hispanoamericano if they are seeking one for a legal problem related to immigration law.

The Jersey Battered Women’s Service provides referrals for legal assistance to Bergen County residents through its Battered Women’s Legal Advocacy Project. Lawyer referrals are provided only to victims of domestic violence that need a referral for an attorney to help them with seeking a restraining order. Since many of the people that the Jersey Battered Women’s Service gives referrals to are poor, it ensures that all of the lawyers that it refers are willing to provide legal representation for the matter on a pro bono basis.

Manavi helps female Bergen County residents connect with a local lawyer. Since the predominant goal of Manavi is to stop domestic abuse within Bergen County’s South Asian community, the organization primarily serves members of this specific community. The organization also focuses on serving individuals who do not have an income.

The New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women offers lawyer referrals to victims of domestic violence living in Bergen County. People looking for an attorney referral can obtain one from the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women for a variety of legal matters that may arise from domestic abuse, such as family law and restraining orders.

Partners for Women and Justice is a nonprofit that offers attorney referrals to women in Bergen County. Women seeking a lawyer referral from Partners for Women and Justice can receive one so long as they are only looking for a referral for legal representation in family court. Every referral that is given by the Partners for Women and Justice is for an attorney that has agreed to handle the person’s case for free.

The Pro Bono Partnership is an organization that makes lawyer referrals available to other nonprofit organizations based in Bergen County. Only local nonprofits with a proven track record of helping the community are eligible for a lawyer referral. While the Pro Bono Partnership frequently provides referrals for free legal services, it does require that organizations seeking a referral for assistance with incorporation and receiving pro bono status pay a processing fee of $500 to the attorney.

Center for Hope and Safety is a private organization that provides referrals for legal services to residents of Bergen County who are victims of domestic violence. Due to the fact that the majority of the victims of domestic violence are female, Shelter Our Sisters primarily offers attorney referrals to women. In order to reach as many residents as possible, Shelter Our Sisters does give lawyer referrals in Spanish to those Bergen County residents who prefer to speak in Spanish.

Unchained At Last is a private nonprofit that gives attorney referrals to women and girls of Bergen County who are trapped in arranged marriages. Unchained At Last only offers referrals to family law attorneys who offer free legal services.

Volunteer Lawyers for Justice is a private organization that assists residents of Bergen County in procuring legal representation. In order to obtain a referral for an attorney from Volunteer Lawyers for Justice, one must be a low-income resident. Also, Volunteer Lawyers for Justice only offers lawyer referrals to Bergen County residents for bankruptcy and special education legal matters.

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