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LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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Several web based lawyer referral services are available in the Bexar County area. Online lawyer referral services such as Attorney Pages, American Lawyer Referral,, Nationwide Legal Help and LegalMatch are available to the Bexar County area. These referral services differ in regards to cost, turn around time, attorney information given, satisfaction guarantees, background checks, benefits provided and other points of comparison.

Attorney Pages and American Lawyer Referral function as "database" websites. These lawyer referral sites, like the Texas State Bar's lawyer referral service, request your location and legal area as the sole criteria. Unlike the local bar and other "next-on-list" referral services, this website gives the contact information for all the Bexar County attorneys in their system that matches your request. No additional information about these attorneys is given and the service does not perform background checks or offer satisfaction guarantees. "Database" lawyer referral websites are similar to web based phone books. is similar to Attorney Pages and American Lawyer Referral except that it offers some additional information about the referred attorneys. The input criteria are the same as almost any other lawyer referral service. Like the other "database" lawyer referral services, provides a list of San Antonio area attorneys who fit the location and legal area. But also includes some additional information about the attorneys, such as the firm they work for and years of practice. These facts are not extensive and additional research will be left up to the client.

LegalMatch is different from both the "database" and the "next-on-list" lawyer referral services. LegalMatch uses a double-blind system which allows the attorneys to look directly at the client's case information and allows the clients to analyze the attorneys before either meet for an initial consultation. Clients using LegalMatch's Lawyer Referral Service fill out a questionnaire, designed by attorneys, which the attorneys can use to assess their interest in the case and respond accordingly. Ordinarily, the client will receive numerous responses from interested attorneys. LegalMatch will supplement these responses with expansive data and client reviews to help the client make an educated decision about which attorney they prefer. The process is quick, effective and free. There are no obligations and the service is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

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