Private Lawyer Referral Services in Bexar County

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There are a few private lawyer referral services available in Bexar County. Each of these private lawyer referral services are set up for clients who seek specialized attorneys in limited fields in and around San Antonio. Additionally, these private organizations are reserved for callers who match certain criteria. A client looking to use a private lawyer referral service can choose between LAMDA Legal Defense, Legal Hotline for Older Texans, Fathers for Equal Rights and Lone Star Legal Aid.

LAMBDA Legal Defense Lawyer Referral Service is a private lawyer referral service that provides Bexar County referrals to GLTB friendly attorneys. The service is free and, in addition to the standard criteria of most attorney referral services, it assures clients that the referred attorney is GLTB friendly. The service normally takes two days to locate an attorney and the matching system is very basic. LAMDA legal defense is a standard "next-on-list" service similar to the Texas State Bar discussed above.

Legal Hotline for Older Texans Lawyer Referral Service specializes in referrals to lawyers who handle issues common to the elderly. The service is also limited to Bexas County's elderly clients; one has to be older than 60 to use the Legal Hotline for Older Texans Lawyer Referral Service. The service gives one lawyer referral per client and charges for each referral. Much like the other lawyer referral services, the Legal Hotline for Older Texans uses the older "next-on-list" system.

Fathers for Equal Rights Lawyer Referral Service provides family law referrals for fathers only. The service is very limited since it is so specialized. The lawyer referral service is only available to members of Fathers for Equal Rights, which costs $50 per year to be a member of the program. Aside from being specialized, the lawyer referral service does not offer any benefits beyond what is offered in a standard lawyer referral service.

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