Online Lawyer Referral Services in Bronx County

Several lawyer referral services for the Bronx County area can be found online. A client seeking an attorney referral in the Bronx may chose between Law Help, iLawyer, Nationwide Legal Help, LegalZoom, or LegalMatch. These web based referral services differ in regard to cost, turn around time, information provided, satisfaction guarantees, background checks and other comparison points.

Law Help is a lawyer referral service for low income clients who earn in the bottom 15% of the population. A Bronx County client using the site will input their location and legal category to receive a list of attorneys who may take their case.� They offer no guarantees or additional information about the attorneys referred.

iLawyer acts as an internet counterpart to the local Bar Association's lawyer referral services, listed above. �iLawyer limits the types of cases they refer to only the main areas of law. iLawyer, like the Bronx and New York City Bar, is a next-on-list service. A client selects the legal area and location that corresponds with their case to get a referral. iLawyer is less expensive than some services but it is not free and a client may end up paying a fee for multiple referrals.

LegalZoom is another next-on-list lawyer referral service available in Bronx County. Unlike the other services, LegalZoom does not charge clients for their service but they also do not provide as many benefits as some referral services. LegalZoom-referred attorneys will give a client a 30 minute consultation so the client and attorney can determine their interest in working with each other. LegalZoom does not provide much information about their attorneys and clients have to do a lot of work on their own to determine their attorney's qualifications.

LegalMatch is different from the next-on-list lawyer referral services in Bronx County. LegalMatch's double blind system allows attorneys to look at the cases directly and respond to the clients through e-mail. In most cases, the client will receive a reply from several attorneys who are qualified and interested in taking the client's case. LegalMatch will supplement these replies with expanded data and client reviews so that the client can make an informed choice. The process is quick and effective and the service is free. There are no obligations and the service is even backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

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