Broward County Public Lawyer Referral Services

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The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service does not provide attorneys referrals to people in the Broward County area. Residents of Broward County instead have the option of using the Broward County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service. The Broward County Bar has a large inventory of attorneys and requires that they all have at least three years of experience. Aside from these requirements, the service does not offer much. It will give you the name and contact information of only one attorney. The service costs $50 which goes towards the initial consultation with the attorney. This is a higher fee than most charge and it is not transferable in case you are not satisfied with the first attorney. Additionally, the service will take up to 48 hours to locate an attorney.

The Broward County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service does not appear to offer much guidance to their clients. Minimum experience levels and clean records are important for clients but the criteria for a referral should not stop there. The Broward County Bar Association LRS does not assure that the attorney is interested in your case and it does not give you adequate reviews of the attorney.

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