Clark County Public Lawyer Referral Services

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The Nevada Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service is the only public lawyer referral service available in the Clark County Area. The Nevada Bar Association allows clients to submit a request for a referral either through an online lawyer request form or through direct contact by phone. The service is free and offers referrals in 30 broad areas of law. Attorneys with the service agree to charge no more than $45 for the initial consultation and promise to be active members of the Bar Association in good standing. When calling in, the service will assist you with determining which legal field you require.

Unfortunately, the Nevada Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service operates with a "next-on-list" system. These types of attorney referral services input a legal and geographic area into their system and the computer will provide the contact information for the next available attorney. No additional information is provided and there are no additional parameters used to determine the suitability of the attorney. Clients must inquire further through the initial consultation to determine how suitable the attorney is.

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