Online Legal Referral Services in Cook County

LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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Several online lawyer referral organizations are also available in the Cook County area. Organizations such as LegalZoom, Attorney-Help, Illinois Lawyer Finder, and LegalMatch all provide Legal Referrals for Cook County residents in and around Chicago.

LegalZoom is a free service which provides their clients with a 30 minute consultation with the attorney. LegalZoom does not provide information to their clients without a specific request for it. LegalZoom requires that their attorneys have a clean bar record and malpractice insurance to be included in their database.

Attorney-Help has its own lawyer referral system. A client calls in and leaves their information with the company. Attorney-Help will then call the client back after processing this information and help the client locate an attorney who is experienced in the specific legal field needed. Attorney-Help has attorneys in the personal injury, workers compensation, criminal defense/DUI, social security disability, medical malpractice, bankruptcy, divorce, drug liability and most other fields (but not all). Attorney-Help offers no satisfaction guarantees for their attorneys.

Illinois Lawyer Finder charges a $25 fee for the initial 30 minute lawyer consultation. This lawyer referral service immediately connects their clients with one of 700 attorneys in the Cook County area who practice in almost all legal fields. There are no guarantees but the referral service does require that their attorneys are in good standing and carry professional liability insurance. is a no cost legal referral service but does not offer a free 30 minute consultation like some other reference companies. A client looks through their database of attorneys and locates a lawyer to his specifications. has over 700 attorneys in the Chicago area who practice in various fields. No information is provided aside from the attorney's contact information and a one to two line slogan presented by the attorney.

LegalMatch is unlike the proceeding lawyer referral services. LegalMatch is an attorney matching service which matches attorneys interested in the client's case and gives the client multiple attorneys to choose from. LegalMatch is 100% free and finds attorneys that are qualified and interested to serve the client. LegalMatch has attorneys in just about every field of law who have gone through a thorough background check. One of the most unique characteristics of LegalMatch is that they offer a satisfaction guarantee to assure that the client is happy with selecting their services.

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