Public Lawyer Referral Services in Cuyahoga County, OH

There are multiple public organizations that help people living in Cuyahoga County find legal representation. Some of these organizations focus on helping only certain sections of Cuyahoga County�s residents, such as the elderly and disabled people.

The Akron Bar Association operates a lawyer referral service that is available to residents of Cuyahoga County. People that wish to obtain a lawyer referral from the Akron Bar Association may either fill out an online form or call the association directly. The Akron Bar Association charges a fee for referrals for some areas of legal practice, but it does not charge a fee for referrals for personal injury, unemployment, social security, wrongful death, workers� compensation, or personal bankruptcy attorneys.

The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association maintains an attorney referral service for the benefit of Cuyahoga County residents. Anyone living in Cuyahoga County may call the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association or fill out a form on its website to receive a free referral for a local lawyer. Additionally, each referral provided by the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association comes with a free 30-minute consultation with the attorney that is referred.

Disability Rights Ohio assists disabled residents of Cuyahoga County in procuring legal representation. In order to receive a referral for legal assistance from Disability Rights Ohio, one must have a serious physical or mental disability that significantly impacts the quality of one�s life. If a disabled person is unable to request a lawyer referral from Disability Rights Ohio, then someone else may make a request on the disabled person�s behalf.

The Lake County Bar Association provides a lawyer referral program that is available to people living in Cuyahoga County. The only way that one may get an attorney referral from the Lake County Bar Association is by calling the association�s referral hotline during weekdays. Every lawyer that is referred through the Lake County Bar Association�s referral program gives a free initial consultation.

The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland helps residents of Cuyahoga County procure legal assistance. Only local residents that live in low-income households or are at least 60 years old qualify for an attorney referral. People wanting to procure a referral for a lawyer from the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland can do so by either calling the organization directly or by attending one of its referral clinics.

Medina County Bar Association runs an attorney referral program that is available to people residing in Cuyahoga County. People can obtain a referral for a local attorney by either emailing or calling the Medina County Bar Association directory. The person using Medina County Bar Association�s referral program is charged $25 for each attorney referral.