Online Lawyer Referral Services in Cuyahoga County, OH

Cuyahoga County often utilize online resources to obtain a local attorney. Some of the lawyer-finding resources that are available online only offer attorneys that practice in a certain legal field, such as elder law or employment law. Many of the online resources for locating an attorney are merely directories that may only provide contact information for the lawyers that they have listed. However, some online companies, such as LegalMatch, actually offer a free, comprehensive service for all legal issues.

The Academy of Medicine of Cleveland & Northern Ohio provides an online brochure of attorneys that may be used by its Cuyahoga County members while looking for legal assistance. The brochure lists attorneys by practice area so that Academy of Medicine of Cleveland & Northern Ohio members can be sure to contact attorneys that are likely to offer the sort of legal representation that they need. The Academy of Medicine of Cleveland & Northern Ohio also provides a list of the attorneys listed in the brochure that are willing to provide a discount based on membership to the organization.

Aging Care maintains a directory of Cuyahoga County lawyers on its website for the benefit of local residents. People that use Aging Care�s online directory can only look at the results for one city at a time, but many of the specific city pages include lawyers from other nearby cities that work within the selected community. While one may infer that all of the lawyers listed in Aging Care�s online directory practice elder law, one must directly contact each lawyer to figure out just what kind of legal services they offer.

The American Justice Network runs an attorney referral service that is available to people residing in Cuyahoga County. A person may only seek a referral for an attorney for legal matters stemming from personal injuries. Also, a person requesting a lawyer referral will not receive one if the American Justice Network decides that their case does not have merit.

Avvo offers an online attorney directory that residents of Cuyahoga County can use to find a local attorney. Users of Avvo�s directory can choose to only look at directory entries for lawyers that practice a specific type of law, offer free consultations, or speak a certain language. Although the directory entries do provide a lot of information about each listed attorney, Avvo leaves the process of finding a lawyer that might meet one�s legal representation needs entirely up to the user.

Findlaw has a directory of lawyers in Cuyahoga County on its website. Findlaw also provides a list of questions that a person may want to ask an attorney after initiating contact.

LexisNexis maintains a lawyer directory on its website that is available to people residing in Cuyahoga County. Users of�s lawyer directory can opt to limit the displayed entries to only those attorneys that speak a specific language, that have an office located in a particular city, or practice in a certain field of law. People can also read reviews from current and former clients that has published in the corresponding attorney�s directory profile in order to help them determine if that lawyer is the right one for them.

Lawyers Guide is an online directory of attorneys that features lawyers with offices in Cuyahoga County. One may sort the directory entries in a number of different ways, including recently updated and most popular. However, the entries in Lawyers Guide�s Directory merely provide contact information and areas of legal practice for the listed attorneys, making it difficult to differentiate between the attorneys that are listed.

LegalMatch offers a free matching service that directly connects you with experienced local attorneys. Simply post your case with LegalMatch, and attorneys in Cuyahoga County will contact you. Prior to selecting the right attorney, you can review in-depth attorney profiles.

The Ohio Employment Lawyers Association provides an online directory of its members that may be viewed by residents of Cuyahoga County. People looking at the Ohio Employment Lawyers Association�s member directory can only limit the results by city. The Ohio Employment Lawyers Association only gives the contact information for the entries of each of its members.

PickALawyer maintains a directory of lawyers on its website that is available to Cuyahoga County residents. In addition to listing attorneys in its online directory, PickALawyer also lists statewide and regional lawyer referral services. For both attorneys and referral services, PickALawyer only offers contact information and no indication of whether the attorney or the referral service will be able to help the user with their legal matter.

Super Lawyers offers an online directory of all of the Ohio lawyers that it has recognized as being the top lawyers in the state. Residents of Cuyahoga County looking for a lawyer via Super Lawyers� directory can only look at entries for one year and city at a time. While each entry for an attorney does not provide a lot of information on that attorney, Super Lawyers also provides articles on the listed attorneys that give a more detailed look at the professional lives of the attorneys.