Private Lawyer Referral Services in Cuyahoga County, OH

A number of private organizations in Cuyahoga County offer lawyer referral services. Be aware that many of these private organizations only offer their services to certain sections of the population, such as immigrants or homeless people. Other private organizations only give referrals for lawyer that work in specific legal practice areas, such as real estate law or elderly law.

The Cleveland Tenants Organization provides referrals for attorneys to rental property tenants in the greater Cleveland area. People can only get a lawyer referral from the Cleveland Tenants Organization for legal issues stemming from their rental situation. While the Cleveland Tenants Organization does not charge for lawyer referrals, the only way to get one from the organization is to call it directly.

The Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Network provides lawyer referrals to immigrants living in Cuyahoga County. Immigrants can obtain an attorney referral for a number of different kinds of civil legal cases, including family law, employment law, and real estate law. The Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Network only provides referrals for lawyers over the phone.

The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless assists Cuyahoga County�s homeless procure legal representation through its Cleveland Homeless Legal Assistance Program. One does not need to actually be homeless to get a lawyer referral through the Cleveland Homeless Legal Assistance Program, but they must at least be on the verge of being homeless or have recently been homeless. The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless only provides referrals for lawyers to those that request a referral during one of its intake sessions.

The Ohio Education Association offers lawyer referrals to its members located in Cuyahoga County and their immediate families. Members of the Ohio Education Association may obtain up to two referrals per year and are entitled to a free half hour consultation with each attorney that is referred. Although the Ohio Education Association does give referrals for several different kinds of lawyers, it does not provide referrals for attorneys that deal with income taxes or criminal law, with the exception of traffic violations.

Pro Seniors assists Cuyahoga County�s senior citizens procure legal representation. In order to get a lawyer referral from Pro Seniors, one must be at least 60 years old and must call Pro Seniors� legal hotline. An elderly person may obtain a referral for legal services at a reduced rate if they currently have a limited income.