Dallas County Public Lawyer Referral Services

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The Dallas Bar Association has its own legal referral service. For $20, a client will be instantly matched with an attorney and given a complimentary half hour consultation. The Dallas Bar Association may refer you to attorneys practicing in about 50 legal areas depending on the current state of their attorneys' participation. The Dallas Bar Association's membership consists of close to 300 attorneys but not all of the members are actively on rotation.

The Dallas Bar Association performs a limited background check on the attorneys. Information is gathered to make sure that the attorney has handled similar cases in the past and to verify that the attorney carries malpractice insurance. If requested, the Dallas Bar Association will provide clients with information about the attorneys including how long the attorneys have practiced. The Dallas Bar Association makes no promises and offers no guarantees with their service.

The State Bar of Texas does not offer legal referrals in the Dallas area.

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