Online Legal Referral Services in Dallas County

LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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A limited amount of online legal referral services are available in the Dallas County Area. Referral services such as LegalZoom,,, Texas Law Help and LegalMatch can pair a client with an attorney in Dallas County, Texas.

LegalZoom offers their clients free initial consultations for 30 minutes. An attorney can be found within 24 hours and the company urges that the client comes into the attorney's office for their initial consultation. The organization will also give the client information about the attorney if the information is requested. LegalZoom performs quarterly checks on their attorneys to make sure that the attorneys continue to fulfill LegalZoom's requirements. is also a no cost legal referral service but it does not offer clients free initial consultations. The website allows the user to search the database and narrow their search by legal field and location. claims to have over 500 attorneys within the Dallas County area and the service covers almost all legal fields. does not provide the client with any information besides the contact information of the attorney.

Attorneys-Dallas is similar to in most respects. It is an online database in which clients search the site's attorney database. Attorneys-Dallas requires that all attorneys are members of the bar and the site offers monthly continuing education meetings for their attorneys.

Texas Law Help is a specialized legal referral service. Texas Law Help provides cheap or free attorneys for those who can not afford legal aid. The service is limited to people who earn less than 125% of the poverty line.

Unlike all of the lawyer referral services listed above, LegalMatch does not pair one attorney to a client. A LegalMatch client can chose from all Dallas County attorneys interested in taking their case. At no cost, LegalMatch instantly pairs the client with qualified attorneys and allows the client to select the attorney most suitable to him or her. LegalMatch has attorneys in just about every field of law all of whom have been subject to LegalMatch's thorough background check. Additionally, LegalMatch backs their attorneys with a satisfaction guarantee to assure client satisfaction.

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