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Individuals seeking online attorney referral service in DeKalb County have four options: The Georgia Attorney Referral Service, Attorney Pages,, and LegalMatch. Each of these services differs in terms of guarantees given, the amount of information that is available, and background checks.

The Georgia Attorney Referral Service is part of larger online attorney referral service called the Attorney Search Network and provides residents of DeKalb County with an option for an online attorney referral service. The service that is provided through this website requires you to give your location as well as the legal area that your case is in. This service is recognized by the American Bar Association and meets all the standards for a lawyer referral service.

However, the Georgia Attorney Referral Service suffers from one of biggest issues that are common amongst many online referral services, namely the "next-in-line" syndrome. After you submit your geographic location and the area of law, the service merely takes the lawyer that is at the top of the list and that is your referred attorney.

Attorney Pages operates much like an online phone book for lawyers. After telling the website the area of law and where you live, the website will spit back a listing of all the attorneys in your geographic area that practice in your legal area. This design presents the problem that much of the work is still left to the user to call the attorneys, see if they are taking new clients, set up meetings, and do much of the investigation to make sure the lawyer is reliable. Also, it appears that this website sells special advertising space where attorneys who want their ads to be more prominent are displayed in a better location, often with color and images. Because of this, you may never even call a qualified attorney who fits your needs to best because he or she declined to purchase advertising space. Lastly, Attorney Pages does not offer DeKalb County residents any sort of guarantees about the attorneys who are listed on their website. is much like Attorney Pages, but instead of only providing contact information for the attorneys, it also gives additional information supplied by LexisNexis. However, the information given to the users does not include much beyond a brief description of the attorney, the billing structure the attorney uses, and all the practice areas that the lawyer deals with.

LegalMatch uses a very different, almost unique system for their referrals in DeKalb County. LegalMatch employs a system that allows users to freely post their personal information as well as a brief background of their situation. LegalMatch then makes sure that all the personal information is kept confidential and allows attorneys in the user's area to view the case description. The pre-screened lawyers then determine whether or not the case is one that they would be interested in. If so, that attorney then contacts the user through a phone call or an e-mail to discuss the possibility of representation. Users are then allowed to access that attorney's profile and any client reviews that have been posted about that attorney, all to help the user make an informed decision. More often than not, a client will receive multiple responses to a case posting, and can then pick and choose from the group of attorneys that has responded. LegalMatch is free for clients to use, and is also unique because it provides a satisfaction guarantee.

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