Private Lawyer Referral Services in Denver County

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Family Tree is one of the many private lawyer referral services available to those in Denver County. Family Tree provides referral services to those in domestic violence situations, or to families that are homeless. Another lawyer referral agency that provides referral service to the homeless is the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

Much like the Family Tree and Colorado Coalition for the Homeless lawyer referral services, the Jewish Family Service in Denver County also provides lawyer referral services for families. The Jewish Family Service goes one step further by providing services to refugees as well.

The Piton Foundation is another private lawyer referral service but it only provides referrals to low income individuals who have a case dealing with taxation issues. Referrals are provided only if the Piton Foundation finds that they are unable to help you resolve your legal problem.

The fourth private lawyer referral service in Denver County is the Colorado Legal Services. This lawyer referral service is directly aimed at those who can not afford having an attorney. If you call the Colorado Legal Services site you will receive lawyer referrals to those attorneys who will charge you little to no legal fees if you qualify as a low income individual.

Although there are several private lawyer referral services in Denver County they all seem to lack guarantees and background information on their attorneys. Not one service provides you with the experience level of the attorney you are being referred to or any estimation of the cost of working with that attorney. Furthermore, most of the private referral services are limited in the referrals they can provide you because they only work in certain areas of law.

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