Private Lawyer Referral Services in Duval County, FL

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Florida Legal Services, Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, and Three Rivers Legal Services all provide lawyer referral services in Duval County. Florida Legal Services provides no assistance at all and refers every individual to the Florida State Bar Association, discussed above. The Jacksonville Area Legal Aid does provide lawyer referral services but only to low income residents of Duval County. They further limit their client base by only providing referrals if the case is regarding employment law, housing issues, or disability law.

The Three Rivers Legal Services, much like Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, also limits its client base because it only helps those who qualify as low income individuals, have a disability, or are elderly. Furthermore, they do not provide referrals if your case deals with a criminal matter, workers compensation issue, immigration, or personal injury matter.

All of the private lawyer referral services in Duval County do not provide you with feedback from previous clients so that you may know what others have thought about working with a particular attorney. Two out of the three private lawyer referral services only provide lawyer referral services to those who qualify as low income individuals; this severely limits the options for the rest of the population.

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