Private Lawyer Referral Services in Franklin County, OH

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There are no longer many private lawyer referral services in Franklin County. At one time there were many private companies providing attorney referrals but they have all since ceased operation or converted to being entirely web based. The Pro Seniors, Inc. is the lone private attorney referral service in the area.

Pro Seniors is a specialized lawyer referral service for the elderly in Franklin County. The service is free for people over the age of 60 and it provides legal advice, information and referrals in the areas of Medicare, Medicaid, living wills, durable powers of attorney for health care and consumer problems. Most of the attorneys with this service have also agreed to accept cases from moderately low-income persons for free or at a reduced fee.

This service can be very beneficial for those who qualify but, like the Columbus Bar, it is incomplete. The legal areas covered by Pro Seniors are very limited, as is the amount of attorneys under their service. If a client is incapable of paying for legal representation, then Pro Seniors can be very useful but, if one can afford legal representation, then Pro Seniors may be a poor choice.

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