Online Lawyer Referral Services in Fulton County

LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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There are 4 online lawyer referral services that serve Atlanta and Fulton County. Many of these online services are concentrated on specific areas of law. For example, PersonalInjuryLawyerNetwork only takes personal injury cases and it must be a serious personal injury or a death to qualify for their referral service. They will respond to you within 5 business days and if you do not hear from them by then, they tell you to assume they could not find an attorney for your case.

Another online lawyer referral service that is limited to a certain area of law is 1800Divorce. This service specifies in marital, domestic, and family law. It provides nothing other than the contact information of an attorney. InjuryLawyerFinder, unlike 1800Divorce, monitors its lawyer's performance, takes feedback from its clients, and will mediate the issues between a client and an attorney if a problem occurs.

Although InjuryLawyerFinder monitors all of their attorneys they provide little background information for the client. Furthermore, PersonalInjuryLawyerNetwork, 1800Divorce, and InjuryLawyerFinder do not provide guarantees or warranties about any of their lawyer's capabilities. Also, you are only referred to 1 attorney at a time and are given no information about how much their services will cost.

The only online lawyer referral service that backs up all of its attorneys with a satisfaction guarantee is LegalMatch. Not only does it provide a satisfaction guarantee but it also provides you with essential background information of several skilled attorneys that contact you. With LegalMatch you are not just limited to contacting one attorney; instead, you will be contacted by several attorneys that are interested in your case and are located in the Fulton County area. Once you receive a response from an attorney you receive information about their fee structure which allows you to control which attorney you want to work with. This is the only service in the Atlanta area that gives you the ease of choosing a Fulton County attorney that fits your needs.

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