Private Lawyer Referral Services in Fulton County

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The Georgia Lawyer Referral service is just one of the many private lawyer referral services in Fulton County. If you decide to call the Georgia Lawyer Referral service then you may receive the name and phone number of one attorney at a time that specializes in the field of law that concerns your case The service does not provide you with background information on any of their attorneys. Furthermore, it is up to the client to research the history of each attorney they are referred to and the agency does not take responsibility if an attorney is found to have a lapsed license.

Another private lawyer referral agency is the Attorneys' Confidential Referral Service. Unlike the Georgia Lawyer Referral service, Attorneys' Confidential provides background information on its attorneys upon request. You are given individual resumes of an attorney and other detailed information when you file a request. Even though this agency provides you with background information on an attorney upon request they do not guarantee that their attorney will be licensed properly. There are absolutely no guarantees made for client satisfaction.

The DeKalb Bar Association, Georgia Legal Services Program, and Atlanta Legal Aid Society are 3 other private lawyer referral services that serve the people of Fulton County. They all provide free lawyer referral services much like the GeorgiaLawyer and Attorneys' Confidential Referral Services.

Atlanta Legal Aid Society is more limited in scope then the other private agencies in Fulton County because they exclusively provide referrals to those who qualify as low income residents. Although they work in criminal, corporate, real estate, and employment law they only provide referrals to those over 60 dealing with a healthcare issues, or those who have a case that falls under family law.

All 3 of these lawyer referral services do not give the client background information on an attorney and only provide you with the contact information of 1 attorney at a time. By not providing background information and the names of several attorneys at once these agencies take away your ability to compare and contrast attorneys and see which one best meets your needs. Furthermore, by not providing you with a fee structure of each attorney you are referred to you can not anticipate the cost of working with a particular attorney.

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