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Hillsborough County residents have access to many online lawyer referral services. These services differ substantially in what they provide and their overall utility. The online referral services for Tampa area residents in Hillsborough County include AmericanLawyerReferral, Findlaw,, Best Law Leads, Attorney-Legal, LegalZoom, InjuryHelplineAttorney, Nationwide Legal Help, and LegalMatch.

Services such as FindLaw and AmericanLawyerReferral provide the most basic lawyer referral services. If you are aware of what location your case must be filed in and what single legal field you require representation for, FindLaw and AmericanLawyerReferral can locate an attorney for you. These services do not narrow the referrals down by any additional criteria and many clients find the service to be no more helpful than a phonebook. A client is also burdened with the duty of the initial consultation. Neither FindLaw nor AmericanLawyerReferral can assure the client of anything besides the fact that the attorneys listed practice in the area of law that the client selected. offers a system similar to FindLaw and AmericanLawyerReferral. Once again, a Hillsborough County client must be aware of the location and legal field desired and input the information to the service. allows the attorneys to write a short description, normally no longer than a sentence, about what they practice of specialize in. acts as a database list of attorneys and does not provide information that one could not uncover through a search engine or phonebook. does not offer any satisfaction guarantees or quality assurances.

Best Law Leads and Attorney-legal are a step closer to what many Tampa area clients desire of their referral service. These sites request your contact information and a brief description of the legal situation. These sites will evaluate your case using legal-aids and refer the client to an attorney in the field. These referral services do not evaluate the attorney, however, and it is quite possible that the referred attorney is not interested in your case. Additionally, these services will refer only one attorney at a time; the customer must then contact the attorney and see if the attorney is willing to take on the case. Best Law Leads does not provide a free initial consultation with the attorney so the client's inquiries about the attorney can be quite pricey.

InjuryHelplineAttorney is a different type of referral service. InjuryHelplineAttorney advertises itself as an attorney advertising agency. The service does not provide any information about the attorneys in the system, not even a phone number. InjuryHelplineAttorney will take down a client's information and the attorney will call the client later. The service does not perform background checks or employ a regulatory system; it solely connects the client with a personal injury attorney who is a member of this service.

LegalZoom is an attorney referral service which offers a few more benefits than services such as FindLaw and Best Law Leads. LegalZoom provides a free 30 minute in-person consultation with the attorney. The service also attempts to find an attorney that matches the field of law desired by the Hillsborough County client. LegalZoom, however, is limited in scope due to the fact they work with a small number of attorneys. Additionally, LegalZoom will only give one name at a time so the client is stuck with the daunting task of collecting information, interviewing the attorney and returning for another attorney if the first isn't a good fit.

LegalMatch offers an easy alternative to the other referral services. A Hillsborough County client inputs a brief description of the case, plus answers a series of questions specifically drafted by attorneys. LegalMatch then provides you with the contact information of multiple attorneys who have expressed interest in your case, plus additional crucial data like the attorney's profile, education, price quote and what other clients think of that attorney. LegalMatch is free for the clients, and saves them the hassle of conducting multiple initial consultations with prospective attorneys. Additionally, LegalMatch's attorneys are pre-screened and backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

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