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LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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There are four internet lawyer referral services that are available to the residents of Kent County:, Attorney Pages, American Lawyer Referral, and LegalMatch. operates like an online phone book full of attorney listings, but provides additional information about the attorneys it lists through LexisNexis. Clients looking for an attorney through must select the geographic location and area of legal knowledge they are looking for in an attorney. After this is done, a listing of Kent County attorneys is displayed to the client who can look through each attorney. The attorney pages display contact information and sometimes a short biography of the attorney. However, this information does not include things like past client reviews or billing structures. Clients must still research these important items independently without assistance from In addition, gives does not give its clients a satisfaction guarantee.

Attorney Pages functions much like in that it appears to be an online listing of attorneys. Clients must first select their geographic location and then the area of law that their case deals with. Attorney Pages then displays a listing of all of the Grand Rapids area attorneys in its database that meet the inputted criteria. The service does little more than provide contact information for the listed attorneys which is often little more than an address and a phone number. This leaves much for the client to do, like calling and setting up a consultation meeting and dealing with the attorney directly. Lastly, Attorney Pages does not appear to have any minimum qualifications for an attorney to be listed through its website.

American Lawyer Referral is another database site that lists lawyers in Kent County. After selecting which criteria the client wants their attorney to meet, American Lawyer Referral gives the client a list of attorneys that meet the selected parameters. The top of this list is littered with listings for attorneys who have paid for advertising space. American Lawyer Referral does not screen the lawyers it lists, and does not provide any information beyond contact information of the listed lawyers to its clients.

LegalMatch is the only internet lawyer referral service that provides clients in Kent County with the information that is necessary to make an informed decision about their legal representation. After using the free online referral service, e-mails are sent to pre-screened lawyers who may be interested in the client's case.� These attorneys review the legal situation and respond to the client. Most of the time, clients receive responses from multiple attorneys, each of whom are interested in taking on the case. At that point, the client is given access to invaluable information like attorney profiles, billing structures and past client reviews. With these materials in hand, the client is able to make a knowledgeable decision about which lawyer to hire. In addition, there is never any pressure from LegalMatch to hire any of the attorneys that respond to a case posting.� Lastly, LegalMatch is unique in that it is the only online referral site to offer its clients a satisfaction guarantee.

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