Online Lawyer Referral Services in Los Angeles County

LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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Online lawyer referral services are now a common alternative to traditional public and private "brick and mortar" lawyer referral organizations. Online services such as LegalZoom, 1000Attorneys, and Attorney Search Network all give lawyer referrals in the Los Angeles County area. These organizations differ significantly in many aspects.

1000Attorneys charges a matching fee of up to $50, where Attorney Search Network and LegalZoom don't cost the client anything.� These online legal services handle a wider range of attorney fields than many of the traditional private and public lawyer referral organizations don't; the Attorney Search Network even claims to pair clients to lawyers for their needs in all legal fields.� LegalZoom promises to refer their clients to other lawyer referral services if they can not match you with a client themselves.

Online lawyer referral services are more likely to give out information about their member attorneys than traditional referral organizations. LegalZoom, for example, provides all available information upon request including where the attorney went to school and how long the attorney has been practicing. These services offer only limited guarantees about the quality of their attorneys; this usually includes an assurance that the attorney has a clean bar record and possesses malpractice insurance.� These online referral organizations often perform background checks on their attorneys and some of the companies periodically update their records to assure their customers that their attorneys remain qualified.

The online service LegalMatch is slightly different than a traditional lawyer referral service, billing itself as an attorney matching service.� The crucial difference is the client is not paired to only one attorney, like is the case in most lawyer referral services.� Instead, the client gets to choose from all Los Angeles County attorneys interested in their case.� LegalMatch is entirely free and will immediately pair you with an attorney qualified to take your case.� LegalMatch also claims to have attorneys who are experienced in just about every field of law, and performs thorough background checks.� Finally, LegalMatch backs up all their attorneys with a satisfaction guarantee, making sure the client is happy with whatever lawyer they end up hiring.

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