Macomb County Public Referral Services

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Macomb residents have a number of options when it comes to public lawyer referral services. Public referral services that operate in Macomb County are offered by public organizations including the Macomb County Bar Association, the Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association, the State Bar of Michigan, and the Macomb County Office of Senior Services.

The Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association offers a lawyer referral service to residents of Macomb County. People living in Macomb County can call the Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service hotline to find an attorney located in the greater Detroit metropolitan area. However, those using this attorney referral service must be willing to pay the referred lawyer�s full fees as the Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association makes no effort to assist people looking for pro bono legal help.

The Macomb County Bar Association provides an attorney referral service that helps people begin their search for a local attorney. If a person does not know what kind of legal area that they need assistance in, then they must call the Macomb County Bar Association during specified hours in order to receive guidance. Once the local resident seeking a referral knows what sort of legal assistance they want, they are able to get a free referral for a Macomb lawyer.

The Macomb County Office of Senior Services provides lawyer referrals through its Legal Assistance Program. In order to receive an attorney referral, a person must live in Macomb County and must be at least 60 years old. Also, the Macomb County Office of Senior Services only offers lawyer referrals for a limited list of legal practice areas, including social security, durable power of attorney, wills, nursing homes, and guardianship.

The State Bar of Michigan operates a basic lawyer referral service in Macomb County. However, the State Bar of Michigan intends for its referral service to act as a secondary service for counties that already have a public referral services. Thus, Macomb County residents that wish to obtain an attorney referral from the State Bar of Michigan must first attempt to get one from the Macomb County Bar Association before requesting one from the State Bar of Michigan�s lawyer referral service.

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