Macomb County Private Lawyer Referral Services

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Although a number of private referral services operate in Macomb County, most of the services restrict their services based on age, income, or employment requirements. Also, several private organizations that provide lawyer referrals in Macomb County are nonprofits and can only offer referrals for a very limited number of cases due to limited resources.

The Association of Chinese Americans is a private nonprofit that provides attorney referrals to people living in Macomb County. Although the Association of Chinese Americans focuses on helping Michigan�s Chinese-American community, one does not need to be of Chinese descent to receive a referral for a lawyer. All of the lawyer referrals that the Association of Chinese Americans provides are for low- or no-cost legal services.

Elder Law of Michigan is a nonprofit organization that offers lawyer referrals to Macomb County�s elderly residents. Only people that are at least 60 years old can obtain a referral from this organization. Furthermore, Elder Law of Michigan makes attorney referrals available for only a handful of legal topics, including wills, Medicare, Social Security, and consumer law.

Farmworker Legal Services of Michigan is a nonprofit that provides lawyer referrals for individuals regularly employed as farm workers. The attorney referrals provided by Farmworker Legal Services of Michigan are made available free-of-charge. Since the Farmworker Legal Services of Michigan is committed to helping local migrant farm workers, it focuses on only providing lawyer referrals for legal issues falling in the areas of immigration, government benefits, employment, housing, and education.

Lakeshore Legal Aid is a private organization that maintains a lawyer referral service for the benefit of Macomb County residents. Due to limited funding, Lakeshore Legal Aid can only provide assistance and referrals to certain low-income and elderly local residents. Additionally, Lakeshore Legal Aid only offers attorney referrals for civil legal issues.

The Legal Aid & Defender Association is a nonprofit corporation that offers referrals for legal services to residents of Macomb County. In order to receive a lawyer referral from the Legal Aid & Defender Association, Macomb County residents must be classified as low-income. While the Legal Aid & Defender Association primarily offers referrals for civil matters that are frequently associated with low-income status, it occasionally does make referrals for criminal defense lawyer available on a case-by-case basis.

Michigan Indian Legal Services provides referrals for lawyers to Native Americans living in Macomb County. Since Michigan Indian Legal Services has limited resources, only Native Americans that are currently in low-income situations are able to get an attorney referral. In order to adhere to its mission of helping Michigan tribes maintain independence and assisting local Native Americans overcome adversity, Michigan Indian Legal Services only offers lawyer referrals for legal matters that are directly related to these goals.

Michigan Protection & Advocacy Services maintains an attorney referral service for Macomb County�s disabled residents. Only residents of Macomb County that have a legal matter directly related to or affected by their disability can obtain a referral through Michigan Protection & Advocacy Services� lawyer referral service. Also, the Michigan Protection & Advocacy Services only gives referrals for cases that it feels will further the goals of the organization.

Project SALUTE is a lawyer referral program in Macomb County operated jointly by Macomb Community College, the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, and the Department of Veteran Affairs. People living in Macomb County can obtain a referral for an attorney through Project SALUTE only if they are a low-income military veteran. Also, Project SALUTE only provides lawyer referrals for legal problems related to veterans� pension and disability claims.

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