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LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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Online lawyer referral services are the most prevalent of the attorney referral services in Maricopa County. Organizations such as LegalMatch, Lawyers-Attorneys-USA, Attorney4hire, LegalZoom, Attorney-Help,, Attorney Search, FindLaw and Martindale-Hubbell are at the disposal of Phoenix area clients wishing to hire an attorney in Maricopa County.

Lawyers-Attorneys-USA is best classified as somewhat between a private organization and an online organization. A client answers a few questions on the site and is later called back with information about their attorney. There is no charge to the client and no obligation to hire an attorney. The site has a list of their areas of legal coverage which is extensive but still somewhat limited.

Attorney-Help is similar to Lawyers-Attorneys-USA. A client in Maricopa County using Attorney-Help must call the service and leave their information. The lawyer referral service will return the client's call after an experienced attorney is located. Attorney-Help has attorneys for cases involving personal injury, criminal defense, medical malpractice, divorce and other fields but the total coverage is somewhat limited.

Attorney4hire acts much like Google Maps but it specifically targets attorneys. One would input their zip code and the website finds attorneys within a specified distance range from that zip code. The site does not narrow down the attorneys' legal field but does provide the contract information for the attorneys.

LegalZoom is an attorney reference service which will put you in contact with a Maricopa County attorney and give you a free 30 minute consultation. LegalZoom does not freely provide information about their attorneys except in certain situations upon specific request. Before an attorney can be included in LegalZoom's database, they must have a clean bar record and carry malpractice insurance. and Attorney Search are free legal referral services. and Attorney Search do not offer free consultations or much guidance in selecting the right lawyer for your legal matter. A Maricopa County client using these services must input his specified legal field and area for the service to function. After inputting the proper data, these sites give you a list of attorneys to choose from. After that, any information that the client wishes to gather about the attorney must be obtained by the client himself over the telephone or in person.

FindLaw and Martindale-Hubbell act as supplementary lawyer referral search sites. These sites allow you to research your attorney and find the attorney's basic profile, which includes their contact information and legal specialty. FindLaw is somewhat of a combination of Martindale-Hubbell, which focuses on giving information about attorneys, and, which allows you to narrow your choices to attorneys on criteria of location and general legal field.

LegalMatch has its own unique system. LegalMatch is an attorney matching service has an extensive roster of attorneys in all legal areas. A client will present the case by answering a series of online intake question, much like an initial attorney interview. LegalMatch will then match the client to all member attorneys in the legal specialty and location requested. LegalMatch is free and provides only qualified and interested attorneys to clients. Additionally, the attorneys must undergo a background check before they qualify to be part of LegalMatch's system. LegalMatch is also unique in that it provides all clients with a satisfaction guarantee.

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