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LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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Recently, online lawyer referral services have become one of the most used ways to find a lawyer because it is fast, reliable, and easy to use for most individuals. Each online lawyer referral service has something different to offer their clients in Marion County.

The first referral service is 1800divorce. As the name shows, this online lawyer referral service only deals with cases that have to do with divorce. 1800divorce does function differently from private and public lawyer referral services by providing each attorney with a designated area. They do not use a list of attorneys as most public and private referral services do. Some of the attorneys at 1800divorce do offer free consultations but it is at their discretion to do so.

Another online lawyer referral service is CollectionLawyers. This online lawyer referral service exclusively handles bankruptcy cases. One aspect about CollectionLawyers that is different from other referral services is that it has an online system which keeps you constantly updated on the status of your case so even if your attorney has not had the ability to contact you they will update your file online which allows you easy access.

All of these online lawyer referral services in Marion County seem to lack the ability to provide you with in depth information about their attorneys. Even CollectionLawyers and 1800divorce do not provide you with feedback from previous clients, cost information, or a referral to more than one attorney at a time.

Only LegalMatch seems to put their client's needs first by providing you with background and cost information about an attorney. This is also the only service in Marion County which has numerous attorneys who are interested in cases in all areas of law. Not only do they provide you with an estimation as to what the total cost of your case may be but they also provide you with their hourly rate, and often times the attorneys allow your initial consultation with them to be free. Furthermore, LegalMatch provides its clients with a guarantee that backs up all of their attorneys and this entire service is free to you.

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