Private Lawyer Referral Services in Marion County IN

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Indiana Legal Services is one of the largest providers of private lawyer referrals in Indianapolis and Marion County. Not only do they provide you with lawyer referrals but they also provide you with a list of other private lawyer referral services such as the Indianapolis Legal Aid Society and Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic.

The Indiana Legal Services provides free lawyer referrals and also refers you to other private lawyer referral services if they do not have an attorney that practices in the area of law in which you need help. The Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic is also similar to the Indiana Legal Services because it is also a free service that will refer you to another private referral service if they can not find representation for your case. The Christian Legal Clinic is different from the Indiana Legal Services in one way: they do not provide referrals if your case deals with issues in divorce or criminal law. The Indiana Legal Services deals heavily with all types of cases in family law.

Another private lawyer referral service in Marion County is the Indiana Legal Aid Society which provides free legal representation to those who qualify as low income individuals. They do provide a private lawyer referral if you do not qualify as a low income individual for their services but fall under the low income bracket according to the state. All of the attorneys the Legal Aid Society clients are referred to take a reduced fee to make it possible for those who can not afford representation to find it. The Indiana Legal Aid Society does charge a $5 fee and usually their turn around time to set up an appointment for you with an attorney is between 1 to 3 days.

Even though there are 3 private lawyer referral services located in Marion County they all seem to fail in providing their clients with the same information that the public referral services do not provide. You are given little information on the attorney's prior history and you are only referred to one attorney at a time. Also, you are not provided with any indication as to what the attorney may charge for their services or even any indication as to what they anticipate the total cost of your case may be. This lack of information makes it difficult for a client to make the important decision of choosing an attorney that is best for them and their case.

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