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Several online lawyer referral services are available to a client seeking representation in the Milwaukee County area. Web based attorney referrals can be found through Attorney Pages, Oasis Legal, LegalZoom, Attorney-Legal or LegalMatch. These services differ in regards to cost, turn around time, information provided about the attorneys, obligations, satisfaction guarantees and background checks.

Attorney Pages is the most bare of the online referral services. The website prompts the client to input a geographic and legal area into the system. The website will then return a list of attorneys with a short blurb, a quick profile and an indication of if the attorney offers free initial consultations. The service is free but it is incomplete. Attorney Pages does not offer much more than yellow pages would and it cannot take the place of a quality attorney referral.

Oasis Legal can provide a referral only for certain types of cases. The website asks you to classify your case under work injury, slip and fall, product malfunction, auto accident or other. A client selects one of these categories and inputs a name and contact information and awaits a response. Even though it is specialized, Oasis Legal does not appear to provide exceptional referrals even in their specialized area. Oasis Legal helps clients find funding for cases at times but tort cases are often done on a contingency basis and do not require funding.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin has an attorney referral site as well. The site only refers people who have cases in a limited number of categories, including benefits law, criminal matters, employment discrimination/employment issues, family law, housing discrimination, or mental illness disability law. Under any of these categories is a list of a few firms which practice in these fields. The website only provides contact information and geographic area of practice, nothing more.

LegalZoom provides referrals in the Milwaukee County area. The service is fairly standard for a lawyer referral service in that it provides a name from a list after narrowing down some minor criteria. The service is free and they provide a free initial consultation with the attorney as well. LegalZoom's biggest flaw is that they are very limited on the number of attorneys in their system. Because of the limited number of attorneys, LegalZoom may not have an attorney available in the field you require. LegalZoom often has to refer clients to other referral services when LegalZoom is unable to provide an attorney.

Attorney-Legal is a little different from ordinary attorney referral services. The service provides a Milwaukee County attorney using the standard information-area criteria but they do offer further benefits after the referral is made. In addition to a free 30-minute consultation, Attorney-Legal requires that the referred attorney review up to a three page document and write a letter on the client's behalf if requested. Additionally, if the client does accept the attorney, Attorney-Legal requires that the attorney reduce their standard fee by 20%. The service does have its flaws, however. The service takes up to three days to locate an attorney and will only offer a single attorney. Additionally, the service does not have any apparent satisfaction guarantees.

LegalMatch is a different referral service altogether. LegalMatch's system does away with the need for an initial consultation. The attorneys who are referred have already reviewed and expressed interest in the case and the clients will be given enough information to judge the lawyer's suitability. LegalMatch surveys clients of the referred attorney and provides this information to the client. Additionally, the client will receive responses from numerous attorneys so they will be able to choose the one most suitable to them. LegalMatch is free, and there is no obligation for the client to hire any attorney. LegalMatch is also unique in that it offers a Satisfaction Guarantee.

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