Orange County CA Public Lawyer Referral Services

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Anyone living in Orange County has access to both the California State Bar and the Orange County Bar Association. These organizations differ greatly between each other in regards to cost, number of attorneys, information given and other parameters.

The California State Bar gives lawyer referrals free of charge and the referral is given right away over the phone. The bar has more attorneys under their services than many of the other referral services too. These facts appear favorable but, due to the Bar's referral system, it actually can reduce the odds of a client receiving a desirable attorney. The methodology that the California State Bar uses to select their attorneys is based on very limited criteria. They are able to give the information instantly because the selection process does not require much in-dept matching analysis. The Bar will supply the consumer with information about complaints filed against the attorney but it will not provide surveys and general reviews. Assessment of the attorney must come solely from the initial consultation which the client will likely have to pay for.

The Orange County Bar Association has a similar style of attorney selection. The attorneys are classified by areas of practice and your case is matched on that sole criteria. The Orange County Bar, unlike the California State Bar, charges $25 for the service to many of the legal fields. This goes towards the initial consultation in which the client must assess the attorney's suitability. If the client is unsatisfied with the attorney, the client must pay another $25 fee in order to repeat the process.

Overall, the local bar associations appear to offer limited guidance. The attorneys who are members of the services are voluntarily there and the matching criteria are somewhat elementary. The services will find you an attorney but it might require that you do some footwork yourself.

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