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LegalMatch can quickly connect you to qualified attorneys in your area. There's no cost to use this online matching service and lawyers are available for all areas of law.

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In addition to the more traditional lawyer referral services, Orange County has their pick among many online attorney referral services. Web based referral services can be found though Legal Resource Center, Attorney Search Network, FindLaw,, AttorneyLink, California Legal Help, LegalZoom and LegalMatch. Each of these services varies in extent of their service and their strong points.

The Legal Resolutions Center is an online alternative to the legal-aid private organizations. The service claims their member attorneys agree to a 25% reduction from their ordinary billing rates and the attorneys are pre-screened. A client will receive the contract information for three attorneys and is entitled to a free consultation to discuss fees and suitability with any of them. Unfortunately, the service has a very limited number of attorneys. There are about 70-75 attorneys in their database and so clients may find themselves stuck with an attorney who is not specialized in their requisite field of law.

The Attorney Search Network also services the Orange County area. The referral is free and they claim to give referrals in every field. The organization guarantees that all fields are covered but there is no indication of how well represented attorneys are in each legal specialty. This service also does not help you find a match; instead they simply refer you to an attorney who they have accepted into their database.

FindLaw and are both very bare as far as attorney referral services go. The sites are free to use but they do not offer referrals; just lists of attorneys. No information is provided and no benefits are supplied. These two sites do little more than a traditional Yellow Pages. These services may start a client on their path to finding an attorney but most of the actual work will still be done by the client.

AttorneyLink prompts the client to fill out certain bits of information about their case. The information is then sent to AttorneyLink who processes it and gives it over to their member attorneys. The service appears to be very attorney focused, and there are no satisfaction guarantees or assurances of quality. Additionally, the practice areas are not exhaustive.

LegalZoom is very much like a traditional lawyer referral company. LegalZoom promises to locate an Orange County attorney within 24 hours and offers a free 30 minute consultation with the attorney. There is some limited background checks performed on the attorneys, and the client is privy to where the lawyer went to school and how long they have been practicing law. LegalZoom will not provide a client past reviews of the attorney. Additionally, LegalZoom is very limited with the amount of attorneys they work with so it is quite possible that LegalZoom will have to refer the client to another referral service.

LegalMatch has a very different system all together. The client will post their case on LegalMatch's website and the case will be reviewed by attorneys in the Orange County area. These attorneys will respond to the client with a price quote, and make their profile information available which includes prior legal experience, education and past client reviews. A client can make a choice between several attorneys all of which are interested in the client's case. LegalMatch is also entirely free and places no obligations on the clients. Additionally, LegalMatch is unique in that it offers a Satisfaction Guarantee.

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