Pierce County Public Lawyer Referral Services

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At least five public organizations offer lawyer referral services in Pierce County. Prior to utilizing a public oranization´┐Żs referral service, you should beware that these organizations may charge a fee. Also, public organizations often require potential clients to meet certain criteria.

The King County Bar Association has a lawyer referral service that regularly provides referrals to people living in Pierce County. In order to receive a referral, a person must pay a processing fee of either $10 or $45, depending on the nature of the case. Once the processing fee is paid, the King County Bar Association will provide up to three referrals per request.

The Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association operates an attorney referral program for the benefit of local residents. For each referral, the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association charges $35. In addition to a referral, the money also buys a person a short consultation with the referred lawyer.

The Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association Volunteer Legal Services Program provides referrals for lawyers to residents living throughout Pierce County. Only low-income residents of the county can qualify for a referral. Additionally, the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association Volunteer Legal Services Program only offers attorney referrals for civil legal issues.

The Washington State Bar Association offers lawyer referrals through its Moderate Means program, which it runs with the assistance of the law schools in the state. Residents of Pierce County can only obtain a referral for an attorney if they qualify for low income status. All of the attorneys that the Washington State Bar Association refers are willing to provide legal services for a reduced fee.

The Northwest Justice Project runs a lawyer referral program called CLEAR. Senior citizens and low-income people living in Pierce County can contact CLEAR to obtain a referral for an attorney. Due to limited resources, CLEAR can only give referrals for a limited number of civil legal topics, such as housing and medical care.

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