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There are many options available online for Pierce County residents to use to locate legal assistance. Many of the online sources available for the people living in Pierce County are attorney directories, which leave most of the effort in finding an attorney up to the person looking for legal representation. However, some of the online resources that are accessible to the residents of Pierce County actually do provide valuable referral or matching services.

Disability Rights Washington maintains an online directory of lawyers who focus on helping disabled people living in Pierce County. The directory can be navigated by practice area. However, Disability Rights Washington�s directory does not provide any additional information beyond how to contact a specific attorney.

Lawyers.com offers an online attorney directory for people residing in Pierce County. To locate an attorney, users must select the area of law their case falls into. The list of relevant attorneys generated provides basic contact information.

PickALawyer maintains a lawyer directory on its website to aid Pierce County residents in finding legal representation. The directory on PickALawyer�s website only offers a limited list of attorneys. Also, there is only contact information listed for each lawyer without any indication of what type of legal practice they engage in.

The American Justice Network is an online lawyer referral service that assists residents of Pierce County in procuring an attorney. People can only obtain attorney referrals from the American Justice Network for personal injury cases. However, the American Justice Network provides all of its referrals for free.

The Northwest Indian Bar Association, along with the Indian Law Section of the Washington State Bar, provides an online lawyer directory for people living in Pierce County. Although the Northwest Indian Bar Association�s directory is designed to help people with legal issues related to tribal territory, it lists attorneys that practice in both tribal court and state court. Aside from listing which courts each listed lawyer is admitted to practice in, the attorney directory from the Northwest Indian Bar also mentions what kinds of law each attorney practices.

Super Lawyers is lawyer-rating organization that publishes a directory on its website of the attorneys that have earned the highest ratings for each state. Attorneys can be located in the directory by searching the state and year the attorney was selected. Users of the listing but review individual profile to determine the type of a law an attorney practices.

LegalMatch provides a user-friendly service that connects potential clients with attorneys practicing in Pierce County. Distinct from the other online services, LegalMatch allows users to post their case online to be reviewed by qualified local attorneys. Each attorney in the LegalMatch system offers an in-depth profile for review. When an attorney is interested in taking a case, he or she will contact the potential client directly. The matching service offered by LegalMatch is completely free.

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